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Jan 2, 2014 2:00am EST
. march 4th, 2012, chicago's 175 birthday, and the city celebrated with the chicago party of the public history museum. the event promised actors of famous of those when chicago, an advocate for children, imgrants, and factory works. little did they know, the show would be stolen by a woman, more renowned, accomplished, but willing to raise a voice and speak up for the weak and vulnerable. the chicago children's choir sang a lively version of happy birthday, reason to smile. ten months earlier, he was inaugurated as leader of the nation's third most popular city taking the reigns, and while his term had not been a cake walk, so far, things were going well, inheriting a budget deficit. the labor yiewn youses resisted, but he was able to strike deals and come out on top. meanwhile, he was moving forward with his plans to institute a longer school day, a promise that had gained him positive attention nationwide. he was already assuming daily as the green mayor, and in february, announced the city's coal fire power plants would close. he snatched two important international gathering for ch
Jan 7, 2014 7:00am PST
. >> it's cold! >> icy conditions stopped amtrak trains carrying passengers to chicago overnight. >> canceled thousands of flight. >> the flight is five days from now. >> reporter: vice president biden offering u.s. support to iraq in the fight against al qaeda as they offer missiles and drones to help fight those militants. >>> florida state rules the bcs. >> we wanted to win. and my team got on my back and went the whole way. >>> lindsey vonn says she will not compete in sochi olympics saying her knee is not stable injuring it several times. >> a gas station employee is nearly killed as an elderly driver loses control behind the wheel. >>> all that and -- >> national zoo's panda. >>> things are freezing on my body which i didn't even know were possible to freeze. >> oh, my gosh look at you! >> i do appreciate you being with us. >> and all that matters. >> press secretary jay carney came out sporting a beard. >> my wife says she likes it so there. this is actually an hommaage to -- >>> demonstration in a designated area. >> putin says. >> announcer:
Jan 7, 2014 8:00pm PST
and in chicago. the battle over gun control rages on a federal judge has just overturn the legislation banning the sale and transfer of don's within city limits what does this mean for a city with high crime or take a look at that debate. and cruising down the highway of light the american has long had a love affair with the automobile of the lap later and show our team will take you for standing in the cars of the future. it's easy to read seven a m in washington dc. one year and a bit. you're watching our tea begin today with iraq were clashes have erupted between iraqi special forces and al qaeda linked militants. just outside the city of falluja it's the latest outbreak in a standoff that's taken hold of the sunni dominated province of anbar. according to the associated press the fighting resulted from the capture of an army officer and four soldiers in the area just a day earlier also in anbar province earlier today an iraqi government airstrike killed twenty five al qaeda linked militants. the class has also fallen a deadly attack in which a suicide bomber rammed his explosives ladaden
Jan 4, 2014 11:30am PST
've been watching for the snow to move into chicago. it is indeed moving in right now. o'hare just reporting light snow. so just the outer edge of the snow. but it's going to turn into much heavier snow as we head into the overnight hours and through sunday as well. winter storm warning in effect for chicago through tomorrow evening. all the areas you see draped here in pink and that lavender color, that means winter weather. gusting winds, blowing snow, incredibly cold temperatures once the arctic air moves in behind the low itself. it's all about timing. it's all about timing the moisture with the cold air and exactly when the two will meet will determine how much snow you get and how heavy that snow will be. so we'll be watching that carefully as the low moves on up from the south central plains toward the ohio valley. you know, we have a bit of a football game in cincinnati. >> just a little one. >> just a little one with the bengals hosting the chargers. we originally thought heavy, heavy snow. but it's going to turn out as rain and turn into snow. the models are more wet than
FOX News
Jan 7, 2014 10:00am PST
. >> and i am alisyn camerota. and hitting more than the usual places. and chicago and minnesota and northeast and even the deep south is feeling the deep freeze today. and we have them standing by outside of the fox world head quarter ares and rick and carter in new jersey in feels like minus 12 degrees, rick. why did you take off your face mask. >> i wish i didn't. i can't feel my face anymore. i don't know how many people would normally be out in the streets. there is no one here now and it is so bitter cold. it is colder here than in much offantartica. it is colder in georgia than alaska. it is so cold in kentucky, a prisoner who escaped from a lock up on sunday turned himself back in on monday night when it was 20 below 0. tennessee, people are feeling the artic blast. and utility companies are asking customers to cut back on the power usage to avoid blackouts. losing heat could be deadly. and there are tens of thousands of customers without power today because of the chilling cold. and there are transportation troubles. icy roads and there are frozen trains on the tracks ca
Jan 7, 2014 6:00am PST
passengers got stuck after snow and ice froze the tracks. this happened to three chicago-bound trains yesterday totaling 500 passengers that spent last night on a frozen train. freezing temperatures continue to grip the midwest and several eastern states. let's take a look, this is outside the union train station in chicago, one of those frozen trains that got stuck to the tracks. people on board the train. they stayed up and ate. amtrak tried to make the best of it. that's what it looks like for their last night. you can see plows hard at work, new york state, upstate new york contending with lots of snow there. here is a freezing gas station. try pumping gas in this situation. you see blizzard snow whipping around. cars trying to get around with nearly zero percent visibility in this. again this is upstate new york. as we look at situations outside some of the highways there. this is indiana highway 65. what a situation there. cars crawling along on top of that ice and snow. slick roads, low visibility, a nightmare for everybody on the highway. up to the residential neighborhoods t
Al Jazeera America
Jan 3, 2014 4:00am EST
on john dominis. -- -- at new lows even in chicago, but what's the viral dangerous scene that is playing out on line? >> now somebody goes and sees this and they are looking for him. >> also tonight, a medical mystery so many of the basic things that make one feel like a human being become impossible. >> a debilitating syndrome turning bedrooms into prisons, largely ignored until now. and rocky mountain high? colorado fired up over legal marijuana. but it's not as free and easy as you may think. good evening everyone and thank you for joining us. violent crime has dropped to levels that haven't been seen since the 1960's. in chicago, for example, the number of murders fell by close to 100. but that city is still ranked as the murder capitol of the u.s. with at least 412 people killed in 2013. the biggest problem is gang related violence. america tonight investigating how social media may be fueling that violence. >> . >> three guys in this video that you made. >> yeah. >> are all dead. >> they are dead. >> yep. >> alvin el moore and his partner shorty capone are some of t
Al Jazeera America
Jan 5, 2014 11:00am EST
in chicago. we have a frontal boundaries across areas to notice ahead of t temperatures while they are still at or just a little below the freezing point around detroit and indianapolis, it's milder than where we are in most places. tonight, that is when temperatures are going fall well below the freezing point and well below zero. minus 27 will be the low in fargo and now, a record low temperatures is minus 28. so we will be within a few degrees of that. in chicago, we could tie a record low. >> that's minus 18. so, it's definitely going to be one of those brutally cold nights. here is an hour by hour look of how it will actually feel on your skin if you were to step outside. not for long periods much time. here in fargo, minus 65 is what it will feel like by later this evening around 7:00 o'clock. around indianapolis, it will feel like minus 11 and minus 20 in chicago. it will get worse. this air is spilling all the way soft ward. in chicago at indiana. windchill warnings in place, not watches, advisories, warnings. it could be if you don't take extra precaution getting out here. bundle u
Jan 6, 2014 4:00am EST
expected in fargo, north dakota. minus 21 in madison, wisconsin, 15 below zero in chicago, indianapolis. nbc sarah dallof joins us live in the thick of it in chicago. temperatures one thing, but windchill, windchill could drop below 60? >> reporter: yeah, that windchill is where the weather really gets you veronica. and resident it's here haven't these kind of cold in years, officials warn conditions not only dangers, it could be deadly. a bitterly cold wake-up for millions this morning as an arctic front causes temperatures to drop to record blows. 30 to 50 degrees below average in the midwest. 25 states with thermometers sitting at zero and below. in indiana sunday, up to 2 inches of snow fell every hour throughout the day. the mayor of indianapolis warning residents to stay indoors. >> we will have temperatures that are potentially deadly or certainly life altering. >> reporter: in st. louis, snow and high winds made it nearly impossible to see. >> pay attention to your neighbors, see what they need and take care of them. >> reporter: schools were closed in chicago where a half foot
Al Jazeera America
Jan 7, 2014 2:00am EST
the picture, but it's worse on the ground. >> diane eastabrook braves the elements in chicago. >> minus 15 on the thermometer. >> a frigid day in chicago was not fit for man or beast. mary-both bundled up herself and blondie. >> she is wearing two layers and a boot on each foot. >> does she mind coming out on this. >> not as much as she minds getting dressed. >> a weekend store blanketed chicago with a food of snow, indiana too. temporarily shutting down the interstate. emergency crews rescued 600 stranded motorists in illinois. governor pat quinn called in the guards. state of emergencies were called in 26 countries. the arctic blast forced closures. on the streets of chicago, volunteers searched for the homeless, hoping to encourage them to seek warmth in shelters or warming centres. volunteers says many refused, even in temperatures like this. >> there's an issue with bed bugs and violence in the shelters around chicago. >> but you encourage them to go to shelters. >> absolutely. or warmings centres. >> hospital emergency rooms are preparing for cases of frost bite or hypothermia. more
Al Jazeera America
Jan 27, 2014 9:00pm EST
they actually accomplished. >> also tonight, the fight for chicago. one year after the president highlighted her story to galvanize america, what has and hasn't changed. >> barack obama, he definitely took a stand. whether he was backed or not, it's a different story. >> and true moral courage to stand against your own. the rebel rabbi tells us why he must speak out. >> good evening, thanks for joining us. i'm joie chen. we look at tomorrow, when the president will give us his view of the state of the union. the most important scheduled address each year. idea of a regular report carved the nation, and it's even in the constitution, and it ensures us that we, the citizens, deserve some sort of measuring stick for what has and hasn't been accomplished by the president. and if we want to get a grip on how things are going, maybe we should look at the past. the founding fathers spelled it out in carl 2, and from the first president forward, there has been some kind of a state of the union address. and they have made it into an annual ketchup. how i'm doing, and how it's going for the country,
Al Jazeera America
Jan 2, 2014 11:00am EST
months of last year. >>> coming up on aljazeera america, a new species moving into chicago. why snowy owls are calling chicago home. >> think harry potter. a majestic bird is capturing chicago's attention. it's usually in the arctic tundra and traveling south this time of year. we get a closer look. look. >> i try to get here at sunrise every morning. >> reporter: it's a bone chilling morning on chicago's lakeshore. carey goldner is hoping to snap a photograph of a snowy owl. >> they're probably the largest birds in north america, and they're amazing. beautiful to watch and beautiful to spend time with. >> reporter: with its bright yellow eyes and black beak and puffy white plumage, the snowy owl has a stink appearance. dis. in the harry potter series seen here i. >> it's a historical creature, a wise owl, and i think that everyone wants to experience that. >> reporter: as this arctic nomad is appearing in chicago, people are braving the elements to catch a glimpse. their hearing is so acute they can locate and hone in on prey in heavy vegetation or even snow. food may explain why
Al Jazeera America
Jan 5, 2014 2:00pm EST
chicago and indianapolis is feeling as cold as minus 45. not the kind of weather that you want to be out in. especially for any long extended periods of time. stay inside, stay safe and stay warm. tonight the air temperatures are dropping. down to min 22 in minneapolis. the record low temperatures minus 22. we are on the northern side of the frontal bunked ri and into minneapolis we are not dealing with the moisture. just the bitterly cold air mass. we are not going to make it above zero until wednesday, and even then still well below the averages. usually the temperatures are climbing into the mid 20s. as far as snow, it is persisting around st. louis and parts of illinois and indiana and even into michigan. detroit we have been dealing with airport delays result of the snow and deicing conditions. northeast has a surge of the moisture and the temperatures are just on the brink of the freezing point and the rain mixing with the freezing rain and light drizzle. the colder air is moving in our direction. morgan. >> thank you. from montana to maine the big chill is proving dangerous. now t
Jan 7, 2014 12:35am PST
as temperatures plummet to record lows. in chicago this happens when you open a window. mere minutes outside can be deadly. hospitals wait for victims. and the worst may be yet to come. >>> you call this snaft it may not be such a crazy beautiful life for "tick-tock" singer kesha as she checks into a clinic for an eating disorder. did her music producer pack on too much pressure? >>> and super ad wars. ♪ old spice old spice kicks off 2014 with an eye-catching new ad campaign. ♪ while last year's super bowl giants like budweiser gear up for the priciest season ever. but do they actually work? ♪ will a landslide bring it down ♪ >> keep it right here, america. "nightline" is back in just 60 second >>> good evening and thanks for joining us. at least 14 people are dead so far. schools closed across the country. 4,400 flights canceled. many businesses at a standstill. all the result of a pool of cold air known as a polar vortex, bringing with it the coldest chill in decades. abc's gia benitez is out in the frozen zone where fire departments, hospitals, and the ships that carry our precious go
Al Jazeera America
Jan 7, 2014 11:00am EST
south. diane eastabrook in is chicago, but we begin with jonathan betz. i understand the weather already having a major impact on the commute. >> yeah, without question because it is so cold dell. this storm system is not bringing a lot of snow or ice, just these frigid cold temperatures. in new york city it is hovering around zero degrees. you add in the wind chill, and it feels like 20 to 25 below zero. not since 1896 has it been this cold in new york city. a record because of this be iter cold air moving through early today. amtrak canceling dozens of trains today because of the cold weather actually had several trains stranded in northern illinois because of the snow the system brought up there. close to 500 passengers had to sleep in the trains overnight, because the trains could not move because of all of the though on the tracks. earlier today, amtrak brought in buses and bussed those people to chicago. close to 2400 flights canceled across the united states today. jet blue made the unusual move of canceling many of its flights for 17 hours to basically reset its system. it affect
Al Jazeera America
Jan 13, 2014 4:00am EST
from chicago should have landed in missouri, but touched down at a regional airport nearby. now the runway at the regional airport is too short for the boeing 747 to take off again. those are the headlines. "talk to al jazeera" is coming up next. don't forget for more news up dates head to american life" covers it all. >> for the stories to work, they have to be universal. >> ira glass hosts a show "the american life," listened to by millions. there are stories covered often with humour. >> we did the funniest hair on gaun tan ammo >> he talks about being an remembered. >> i feel like once i'm dead, the people of the future can... jazeera." >> thank you for having me. >> your show "the american life," explain how it's put together and divided up. >> it's an hour each week. we choose a topic and do different stories. >> often we have writers, serious. >> you call each segment an act. >> yes, we call it act one, act two, act three. association. >> it's funny, the first few months of the show we didn't have that. i wanted a way to communicate to the audience all of t
Jan 27, 2014 6:30pm PST
color naranja, temperaturas bajo cero hacen tomar precaución en ciudades una afectada es chicago donde viviana tiene un panorama del frío . >> es el segundo vortice polar en el último mes, 18 estados del país de minnesota a maine tienen frío que por vientos lograran desplomar el termómetro en 48 horas . >> quienes salen con estas temperaturas describen el dolor . >>si ni me siento los dedos . >> cancelan clases en cleveland y chicago hace lo mismo cuándo se anticipan más temperaturas que caeran . >> mu8chos se cubren para hacer frente . >> oh mi dios, tengo doble calcetin, playeras . >> fuertes vientos con nieve hacen malas condicioensd e dakotas a michigan 33 autos chocaron , en indiana el reto es sacar la nieve y en wisconsin preocupación por agotamiento de sal . >> en esta ciudad se agoto dice el administrador . >> en chicago que tiene inviernos frío se rompió tubería y en minutos el agua se congelo y atrapo los carros . >> mire lo que me paso , entro a trabajar y me dicen que la troca no la puedo mover porque está así por el agua que se salió de la esquina . >> es 13
Jan 1, 2014 6:30pm PST
a bostom dejando nieve y bajas temperaturas en chicago mÁs de uno desafÍa el mal tiempo >> la nieve en chicago no daba t tregua a los que disfrutaban el primer dÍa del aÑo >> la primera tormenta de nieve del 2014 es densa y extensa y u cubre con capa bÑanlanca el pÍss es regalo de aÑo nuevo para Él >> es bueno nos aprovfechamos de la nieve >> y nieve habrÁ hasta por lo e menos el viernes, en chicago h c hacÍan filas para tener una c comida caliente, la tormenta m comenxzÓ a primeras horas de l m maÑana y arrojara 2 pulgadas de nieve en detroit y para el vie n viernes 3 pulgadas en cwashingtn dicen que ponen preparativos de emergencia para posibles cortÉs de energÍa >> asÍ tambiÉn como cae l anii bajan las temperaturas y traerÁn consigo temperaturas de entre 20 a 30 grados por debajo lo normal >> frÍo que no asjuustan a est m mexicanos que reciobben el aÑo n un chapizuzpuzÓn nieve que sorprendiÓ a estos turistas de colombia dicen que e es primera vez que la ven tenfrsdndrÁn que abrirse camino tanta nioeve y resignacioÓn a u temporada que no da tregua >> una fuer
Jan 4, 2014 6:30pm EST
on a snowy new york city highway. from chicago to green guy, from boston to new york. our extreme weather team out in full force. and remembering one-half of the legendary singing duo. >> this one's called at that time kathy's clown. again with the everly brothers. >> a look back at the life of phil everly. ♪ don't want your love >> the younger brother hitting the higher notes. >>> also tonight, going home. good news for a former first lady. and look who's waiting in the window for barbara bush. >>> and the megasurprise, the mystery winner coming forward. how he remembered he might have purchased that winning ticket. >>> good evening. great to have you with us on a saturday night watching indoors. just look at the map. by early next week, every state covered in purple will see temperatures at or well below freezing. it's deadly from the midwest to the east coast. to nebraska, look at this. battling the blaze and the frigid temperatures. all the way to the east. into vernon, connecticut, a man nearly hidden by the snow he's trying to clear away there. and as colds as it is, it's going to
Jan 4, 2014 5:30pm PST
to make an emergency landing on a snowy new york city highway. from chicago to green bay, from boston to new york, our extreme weather team out in full force. >>> in other news, legendary singing duo. >> this one's called "cathy's clown." again, the everly brothers. >> a look back at the life of phil everly. ♪ don't want your love >> the younger brother hitting the higher notes. >>> also tonight, going home. good news for a former first lady, and look who's waiting in the window for barbara bush. >>> and the mega surprise, the mystery winner coming forward. how he suddenly remembered he might have purchased that winning ticket. >>> good evening. and it's great to have you with us on a saturday night watching indoors on a very cold evening and just look behind me here at this map. by early next week, every state covered in purple will see temperatures at or well below freezing. tonight this winter storm has become deadly from the midwest all the way to the east coast and nebraska, look at this. you can see the light there streaming through the burned out windows of a building that ca
FOX News
Jan 7, 2014 12:00pm PST
, third time's a charm. they're built for this cold but it's so bad in chicago the zookeepers brought their one polar bare inside. and then there's this guy. the guy over here. this guy is the one who escaped. he escaped from prison in lexington, kentucky and was wearing just his prison-issued khakis and jacket. ace the wind chill there reached 20 below, they say he walked into a motel lobby, told the clerk, please call the cops, i'm freezing and i can't take this anymore. turns out, warmer prison cell is better than freezing to death. and in iowa, so bitterly cold, fox news crew blew bubbles that froze. it also froze a banana as hard as a hammer, strong enough to ram a nail into wood. and because we've gotten through all of that we have team fox coverage to tell you it is cold. our meteorologist janice dean, the weather machine, is outside. are you cold? >> i'm cold. >> janice is cold. we have garrett in chicago. garrett, would you slide in? we lost him. this where is garrett used to be. >> oh, no. >> but garrett is so cold he has turned into color bars. rick leventhal is in central
Jan 7, 2014 6:30pm PST
registraron pequeÑos temblorete. >> mil de ellos solo en chicago en manhattan la aerolÍnea cancelÓ todos sus vuelos. >> estos turistas de argentina jamÁs imaginaron que atracciÓn principal en nueva york serÍa el frÍo. >> no, se nos estÁ cortando la cara se estÁ secando todo salimos con cafÉ y 72 cosas de ropa. >> bueno como les comentaba en estos momentos estamos a 9 grados pero podrÍamos decir que lo peor ya pasÓ, el dÍa de maÑana en el transcurso del dÍa las temperaturas estarÁn incrementÁndose hasta llegar al sÁbado con 55 grados sin duda son temperaturas muy dramÁticos que como vimos lamentablemente ya cobraron vidas. >> marÍa, adelante. >> gracias fernanda. >> con estas gÉlidas temperaturas decenas de miles de personas se han visto obligadas a quedarse en casa y ya sea para cuidar a los niÑos, cuyas clases fueron suspendidas o simplemente para protegerse del intenso y peligroso frÍo. >> hay de todo un poco. >> a otros no les ha quedado opciÓn que salir a buscarse la vida, jeanette rodrÍguez no tiene el testimonio de quiÉnes llevan dÍas como jeanette sobre esta ci
Jan 27, 2014 5:30pm PST
the work week, folks in chicago woke up to subzero cold with the temperature going nowhere but down. howling winds kicked up waves on lake michigan, creating a wall of ice on shore. in minnesota, it was hazardous to spend more than just a few minutes outside. the thermometer dipped to 20 below in some places. the deep freeze extends through the midwest and winter storms are headed for the deep south. we have a team of correspondents covering this beginning with dean reynolds in the very windy city. dean? >> reporter: scott, the windchill tonight in chicago is expected to be 40 degrees below zero and the actual temperature is not expected to peak above zero into wednesday in what may turn out to be the longest period of bitter cold in 31 years. the snowplows arrived too late for this greyhound bus that slipped off the pavement 50 miles south of chicago in windchills of 20 below. no one was hurt. 40 mile an hour gusts created whiteout conditions and forced road closures like this one in indiana. passable routes in iowa and elsewhere were hard to find or even see. but this law enforcem
Al Jazeera America
Jan 28, 2014 12:00am EST
. >> also tonight the fight for chicago. one year after the president highlighted her story to galvanize america, hadiya pendleton. >> whether he is backed or not is a different story. >> and true moral courage to stand against your own. the rebel rabbi tells us why he must speak out. good evening. thanks for joining us, i'm joie chen. we begin tonight with a look at tomorrow when the president will give us his view of the state of our union. the single most important schedule address our leader gives each year. the idea of a regular report carved to the nation is even enshrined in the accusation, it ensures us that we the citizens deserves some measuring stick by what has and hasn't been accomplished by the president and if we want to get a grip on how things are going maybe we should start looking at the past. the founding fathers spelled it out in article 2 and from the first president forward there's always been some kind of state of the union address. it's evolved but annual leaders have made it into an annual catchup, how i'm doing as the executive in chief, and here is how i plant
Jan 1, 2014 4:00am PST
to be talking to former president bill clinton, mayor rahm emanuel. what's going on in chicago with all the gun deaths? straight ahead, rock legend john mellencamp is going to join us with his new musical. keep it here on "morning joe." when i grow up i want to float around in my big pink bubble. [ laughing ] or use my magic wand to make rainbows fall from the sky. [ female announcer ] remember when you thought anything was possible? [ laughing ] it still is. you can do weight watchers new simple start plan entirely online or on that magic phone of yours. it's a 2-week plan to start losing weight right away. join for free. weight watchers online. log into your new beginning today. join for free. weight watchers online. >>> behind these doors, america's future is being shaped. inside you'll find some of the world's most important teachers. these aren't ivy league universities. they're homes, and new research shows that what happens here during the first five years of your child's life will make a difference for the rest of his or her life. every parent has looked into their newborn baby's eyes a
Jan 3, 2014 9:00am PST
hours. >> three hours? >> yeah. >> from brazil trying to go where? >> chicago. >> you just got called. >> i should let you go. >> okay. >> how difficult has this been for you, just to get to chicago? >> well, probably we were leaving on monday. >> not leaving until monday. that is the best hope for her. so many people facing it. i spent time talking to the airport workers here. one of the gate agents told me she said i haven't been home since yesterday. there were three of us here this morning. we're trying to get as many workers to come here and help all these people but they're having a really, really difficult time just getting here. >> yeah. i can imagine. poppy, i don't know. i don't mean to give her a hard time. if i lived in brazil, i would not be headed to chicago right now. i'd stay in brazil. >> i know. i felt stow bad for her. >> i lived in chicago. the storm impacting a lot of folks. about 100 million people in 22 states. alexandra steele is at the cnn weather center. i'm starting to feel guilty just being inside seeing how people are roughing this. >> suzanne, poppy talki
Al Jazeera America
Jan 4, 2014 9:00pm EST
next - it's the fight for chicago. beyond the gunshots and fist fights chicago gangs are making a name for themselves online. the lyrical masters of the murder capital. that's up next. welcome back. pulling back the crime tape of 2013 now with some promising news. in many major cities violent crime dropped to levels that have not been seen since the 1960s. for example, in chicago, the number of murders dropped by almost 100, but the city is still ranked as the murder capital of the u.s., after closing 2013 with a death toll of at least 412 people. the most pervasive problem in chig is gang-related -- chicago is gang-related violence. is topic we have covered extensively. there's new comaberrations online -- collaborations online that may be fuelling the violence. . >> they're dead now. >> three guys in the video you made. >> they're dead. >> all dead. >> they're dead, yes. >> alven and his partner shorty are some of the most prolific producers in a hip hop music video seen. most artists produce drill music. that is main streamiac's preokayulation with success -- preoccupation with succ
Jan 7, 2014 4:00am PST
broke a record of minus 16 degrees. the trains were halted yesterday about 80 miles west of chicago. one of them, the californa zephyr, is from the bay area. passengers are staying on the trains and are being fed and kept comfortable by the crew. the deep freeze is also causing plenty of power problems. some 30-thousand homes and businesses don't have electricity in indiana. and temperatures are in the negative teens. officials say some people could be without power for days. >>erica: some temperatures haven't seen temperatures this cold in the past 20 years. green bay now 17 below zero. temperatures will continue to drop. in fact some spot actually colder than yesterday. we're talking about the wind chill factor. looks like the south cold arctic air is pushing its way south and east so we do have a windshield warnings as far south as florida. a chicago feels like 30 below zero. by tomorrow morning more than half the country will see it readings below zero but again here in the bay area we are pretty much unaffected. but we do have some delays and cancellations. most of us will remain in
Al Jazeera America
Jan 28, 2014 4:00am EST
in her chicago neighborhood. >> senators of both parties are working together on tough new laws to prevent anyone from buying guns for resale to criminals. one of those we lost was a young girl named hadiya pendleton. hadiya's parents nate and cleo are in this chamber tonight along with more than two dozen parents whose lives have been torn apart by gun violence. they deserve a vote. >> and he said we as a country owe the victims of gun crime. some resolution. hadiya's parents. gabriel giffords, the children in newtown, the children from the theater shooting in colorado. he said we owe these people. so what happened to that debt? >> the fact that he laid it out with such force tells me that he really believed it was going to happen and that he fel felt this a new measure a new yardstick. but the republicans locked arms and because the national rifle association suddenly became more conservative than it has in the past, the sides become more hardened, more polarized and president obama ran into a fierce bark lash that he wasn't expecting. >> he said $9 minimum wage. >> let's decl
Jan 5, 2014 11:35pm PST
y chicago rompe con el mÁs frÍo del pais. dos luces de mundo se apagan, alma muriel y tambiÉn el nelso. y fÚtbol de mÉxico y atlante se lanmentan la falta de punterÍa. comenzamos. ♪ ♪ >>> este es su noticiero fin de semana. ♪ ♪ ♪ >>> buenas noches bienvenidos. comi comienzamos con el frÍo extremo un llamado a la poblaciÓn para que se queden en casa chicago tiene la peor parte. >>> llego par llego para quedarsllego para q , llego para quedarse, condigie muy peligrosa. >>> (hablan en inglÉs). >>> las personas tienen que entender que no es juego, no deben exponense a temperaturas que le pueden ocacion cocasiona muerte. y el peligro mayor es el cogelamiento. >>> se siente dolor y la piel pierde el color. por lo que la recomendaciÓn es proteger la cara y la cabeza. hay que busca buscabuscar ayuda inmediata. (hablan en inglÉs). >>> 6 centros comunitari comunitarios funcionan desde hoy no se le va negar servicio a nadie. >>> es muy peligroso tambiÉn para los animales. >>> las mastocas deben estar dentro de casa solo deben salir para hacer sus necesidades. >>> activist
Jan 6, 2014 6:30pm PST
intemperie esta se va a congelar en menos de 5 minutos, asÍ estÁ el clima aquÍ en la ciudad de chicago, los vientos que se sienten la sensaciÓn tÉrmica a menos 40 grad°f y est temperatura continuarÁ por varios dÍas. >> la ola invernal que azota gran parte de la naciÓn obligo al cierre de escuelas y oficinas en la mayorÍa de los estados afectados, como aquÍ en chicago donde tambiÉn el lago michigan amaneciÓ congelado a pesar del sol, en minnesota por primera vez en 17 aÑos estudiantes de todo el sistema pÚblico no asistieron a clases. >> hace mÁs de 20 aÑos que no estaba asÍ. >> se esperan las temperaturas mÁs bajas de las Últimas dos dÉcada en su varias ciudades del paÍs, la ola gÉlida calificada por expertos como un vortice polar que incluye varios vientos. >> lleva bajas temperaturas desde la misma frontera con canadÁ hasta golfo de mÉxico incluso la porciÓn de florida va a ver bajoÍsimas temperaturas. >> el gobernador de illinois declarÓ al estado de zona de desastres anunciÓ el despliegue de la guardia nacional para el apoyo de la policÍa y las agencias estata
Jan 7, 2014 7:00pm EST
and forcing people to find warmth. we have it covered again with kevin tibbles in chicago. kevin, good evening. >> reporter: brian, it is day two here in chiberia. and across the frozen chicago river behind me, and across most of this nation, this arctic grip is not letting go. sub-zero, bone chilling wind whipping cold. stomping down on much of the lower 48 for another frigid day. from the air, chicago blanketed in arctic splendor. on the ground, javier pushed through his first day as a courier in the windy city. >> you can't play with this weather, you'll literally die. >> reporter: just one of tens of thousands braving the elements to make a living. even keeping others warm. >> i have to provide a city with electric. >> reporter: black ice in minnesota got the best of this car, toppling off a bridge. the driver escaped without serious injury. still, there have been dozens of wrecks across the country, and officials are urging folks to take it easy out there. hundreds of truckers are stranded in indiana, forces off highways, too dangerous to navigate. aaa facing a tsunami of calls. today the
Jan 2, 2014 4:00am PST
nationwide, according to flight aware. wednesday alone, more than 630 flights canceled at chicago's o'hare airport, a key transfer point in coast-to-coast flights. winter storm advisories and warnings are in effect for more than a dozen states. bitter cold and up to 18 inches of snow expected in some parts, boston has declared a snow emergency and public schools will be closed tomorrow. snow preps are underway in connecticut, new york and beyond. many spent new year's day buying ice melts, shovels and snow blowers. new york governor andrew cuomo said roads could be closed before tonight's commute. blizzard warnings are in effect on long island. the same storm system dropped at least a half foot of snow in chicago and other midwestern cities. nbc's bill kairns joins us with more. >>> with 72 people on board that stranded ship, all people have been rescued. a helicopter arrived on a self-made pad, passengers were choppered off the boat with, 22 crew remaining on the ship, stuck in the ice for over a week. there's a new challenge to the affordable care act. and it has washington talking
Al Jazeera America
Jan 4, 2014 7:00pm EST
much in the press. last year, we became interested in all the shootings going on in chicago. last year, 506 people were shot in a single year in the city of chicago, and as regular news viewers know other cities around the country, other big cities are either stable or going down in the number of shootings and chicago was climbing at the time and it wasn't really clear why and 506 is just a huge number. new york city is three times larger than chicago and that number was larger than new york. and we basically sent three reporters into harbor high school for five months to basically just -- and harbor high school was a school in chicago not well-known, not famous, not even the worst school in the city by far. it's just a school that gave us access where they had had 29 shootings in one school year. and i can't remember if it was eight or nine kids died in one school. we felt like this is a neighborhood that knows something about, how to live through all this violence that none of us know. but also document the staff was enormously competent at trying to quell the violence. and when one
Jan 4, 2014 9:00pm PST
is expected tonight just days after up to two feet of snow hit some a areas. in chicago, school is open monday but students don't have to show up. in minnesota, all schools will be closed across the state. in wisconsin, fans will be sitting inside a virtual icebox. leigh glaser has a look how cold it will be using live doppler seven hd. >> cold this evening. the live doppler hd. the sloth of snow in the chicago area picking up snow showers there extending back down towards wichita, kansas and all that moves into the southeast and the ohio river value. minneapolis zero, chicago, 30. it's minus 13 right now in fargo. 27 boston but you add a windchill factor of minus 30 in fargo, three degrees it feels like in green bay, 30 chicago and 14 boston. here is a look at the game forecast tomorrow, folks. a windchill warning expecting windchill 25 to 45 below zero and kick off, 34 degrees expected and maybe a light snow shower overnight and on sunday at 7:00, second half temperatures drop to a minus four. we'll take a look coming up. >> thank you, leigh. >>> mike shumann is traveling for coverage on tom
Jan 5, 2014 5:00pm PST
minus nine to minus 16 below zero. here's a look at current readings, five in chicago, minus 12 in minneapolis. that secondary cold blast is going to move in tonight. the wind chill factor in green bay, minus 14. minus-4 2, in fargo, tomorrow, that colder blast moves in for minus 11 for chicago, and only a high there, and minus-4 2 in fargo. we'll talk about our chances for rain here locally coming up in a bit. >> more now on the developing storm. forecasters say by wednesday nearly half the nation, 140 million people will shudder in temperatures of zero or lower. this is the view from behind the wheel of a snow plow in indianapolis. chicago public schools cancelled classes on monday. >> the grocery store was the place to be in michigan, where people stocked up before the worst of the cold snap hit. the national weather service is calling the arctic blast historic and dangerous. here's the story from chicago. reporter: first, driving snow. then bitter cold. now ice. new york's kennedy airport was shut down for two hours when this delta passenger flight from toronto skidded out o
Jan 5, 2014 7:00pm PST
, the moisture, moved into the eastern half of chicago there, heading towards the great lakes. at gametime, 3:40, five degrees. now it's sitting at minus one degree, check out the wind chill, during the game the players had to deal with wind chill factors minus nine to minus 16. below zero. this is the secondary blast that will move in minneapolis, minus 14, minus 19 in fargo. couple in the wind chill, minus 17 in green bay, and minus-4 1 in fargo, all of that heads towards the south and the east tomorrow. very cold conditions. what about us here on the we coast? we'll take a look at the seven-day forecast coming up. >> the frigid weather has taken its toll on much of the nation in missouri, massive pileup shut down traffic for hours. several semis had to be removed. since the storm hit last week at least 15 people have been killed on the roads or frozen to death in north dakota, the high today was 12 below zero. that's the lowest high temperature since 1937. schools are closed monday as they are in minnesota and now chicago. >>> at jfk in new york, a plane skidded off the slippery run away t
Jan 5, 2014 6:00pm PST
half of chicago there, heading towards the great lakes. at gametime, 3:40, five degrees. now it's sitting at minus one degree, check out the wind chill, during the game the players had to deal with wind chill factors minus nine to minus 16. below zero. this is the secondary blast that will move in minneapolis, minus 14, minus 19 in fargo. couple in the wind chill, minus 17 in green bay, and minus-4 1 in fargo, all of that heads towards the south and the east tomorrow. very cold conditions. what about us here on the west coast? we'll take a look at the seven-day forecast coming up. >> the frigid weather has taken its toll on much of the nation in missouri, massive pileup shut down traffic for hours. several semis had to be removed. since the storm hit last week at least 15 people have been killed on the roads or frozen to death in north dakota, the high today was 12 below zero. that's the lowest high temperature since 1937. schools are closed monday as they are in minnesota and now chicago. >>> at jfk in new york, a plane skidded off the slippery run away this morning. the delta
Jan 6, 2014 5:30pm PST
, even in the deep south where schools are closing because of it. and tonight it is colder in chicago than it is at the south pole. >>> also tonight, grounded. at least one big name airline shutting down operations at at least one big airport because of the cold. >>> and losing ground in iraq after the u.s. lost so much blood and treasure on the battlefield. now the u.s. watches as the al qaeda fighters appear to seize control of a big iraqi city. >>> and can you hear me now? a long distance chat with two americans currently in space. who made that risky space walk tonight, the view from many 260 miles up. "nightly news" begins now. >>> good evening. every state with the exception of hawaii is forecast to experience freezing temperatures over the next 24 hours. schools in atlanta, georgia, have been cancelled for tomorrow because of the cold. a major airline is going to shut down operations at some big u.s. airports to give its system and its employees a chance to keep up with the cold. and that is just the start of the impact of what the weather folks are calling a polar vortex. a la
Al Jazeera America
Jan 7, 2014 11:30am EST
temperatures. in chornlings, alaska whic anchorage, alaska, which is used to the cold, and chicago it was negative 18°. wind chills up to negative 45! >> one democrat did make the vote, the senator from alaska so if any of those republicans hadn't voted they wouldn't have been able to get to the fle flesh -- threshold. and this is important. a requirement of these benefits, you do have to keep looking for work, but they ran out on december 28th. republicans have talked a lot about the pay for, how will it actually be funded, so it will be a much tougher hurdle to over come in the house. >> libby somewhat of a shuffle in the senate as well as this vote was supposed to have taken place last night. what happened? why the delay? >> that's right. we did see it postponed because so many senators were not able to get back in town. there was also somewhat of a surprise, they took a vote on confirming janet yellen, and got enough results for that, but one of the republicans spoke up and said it is not fair if not everybody is here, so they postponed it to this morning, and only three senat
Jan 7, 2014 11:00am PST
, and on the tracks. a chicago family trapped in their car for more than 15 hours. >> i told my husband, the next trip we take, we will be flying. >> air travel is no better. jetblue on monday canceled all flights at four major east coast hubs. some have resumed. >> there are so many in the same boat no point getting angry. >> 500 amtrak passengers stranded outside of chicago, trapped by blowing, drifting snow. some amazing polar portraits of the winter snow, lake michigan is steaming cold, the water far warmer than the freezing air. a water main break threatened to turn this ohio street into an ice rink. the deep freeze shutting schools and icing fountains in the deep sitting. >> here in washington, dc, the air and whipping winds are bone- chilling cold, and down right dangerous. frostbite can kir in -- occur this five minutes. >> the cold has an impact on flights cross the country including the bay area. our reporter is at sfo with a look at what travelers are facing. >> mess at the airports and it continues to impact bay area passengers. here are the latest numbers from the past ten minutes: across
Jan 7, 2014 7:00pm PST
people. >> we're looking to get out of chicago. >> reporter: this reporter knows about being stranded in chicago. i took this photo of the flight board at chicago last night and this one of the sea of people waiting at united's rebooking. i have three canceled flights but i'm lucky to have my luggage because at sfo claim, there is luggage, luggage everywhere and none declared. >> and we a shower with no clean clothes or anything to wear. we're waiting for our bags here now. >> over an empty carosel, frustration and hope spring eternal. >> and it is stuck on the chutes, it has not made its way out. >> there are still delays across and cancellations across the country and three dozen at our three bay area airports. live from sfo. >>> traveling by train was not a good option. and three including the california zephyr from the bay area got stuck outside of chicago yesterday by blowing and drifting snow. the passengers made it to chicago today by bus. some took it in stride saying they had heat and they were given food but others said that it was awful. >> a we have post ed a slide show
Al Jazeera America
Jan 8, 2014 3:00pm EST
last year we became interested in all the shootings going on in chicago. last year many were shot. regular news viewers know that other cities were stable or going down in the number of shootings, and chicago was climbing at the time. it wasn't clear why. it was a huge number, new york city is three times larger than chicago, and the number was larger than new york's. and we tried to look for a place to find it. for us it means like finding characters, scenes and a place to look for it. producer julie snyder and others located the high school, and we sent three reporters into harper high school. and it was a school in chicago, not well-known or famous, not even the worst school in the city by far. it was just a school that gave us access where they had 29 shootings in one school year. i can't remember if eight or nine kids died in one school. we felt like this is a neighbourhood where people know what it's like to live through violence that the rest of us don't know, we can document the trauma, and document the staff, who was enormously competent at trying to quell the violence, a
Jan 12, 2014 11:35pm PST
. ahora la iglesia catÓlica de chicago, decide afrontar la denuncia por abuso de menores. 30 sacerdotes aparecen seÑalados. el flu se extiende y las vacunas no dan abasto. ante el aumento de los casos de gripe. la mitad de los hospital inicio doys en centroamÉrica se cometen con armas de fuego. compradas aquÍ en estados unidos. la denuncia prende las alarmas de las autoridades a lo largo de la regiÓn. y la gravedad del director director mexicano alfonso cau-cau le da el globo de oro al mejor director de cine del aÑo. vamos con la informaciÓn. este es su noticiero univisiÓn fin de semana, con felix debedu. . >>> buenas noches bienvenidos al noticiero univisiÓn la iglesia catÓlica sigue enfrentando una de los mayores escÁndalos de su historia reciente hablamos de la larga lista de sacerdotes involucrados en abuso de menores. la dioses de chicago es la Última en hacer frente a esta terrible. y un ingrediente similar. y en la que informa sus feligreses que de enero se harÁn pÚblicos los elementos de la investigaciones sobre la conducta inapropiada de 30 sacerdotes kacatÓlicos.
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